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Mystery Babylon - Bill Cooper - Hour of the Time

William Cooper

They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority.
-- Egyptologist Gerald Massey

The complete collection of the Mystery Babylon series of lectures by Bill Cooper. Note episode 33 does not exist, and the series starts with episode 00 - well I don't have this mysterious copy, which is either a conspiracy or just poor admin skills. Each lecture is one hour, as broadcast originally on The Hour of The Time. This page is in HTML 5, so if it looks odd, and the Audio Player buttons are missing, you need to use a proper modern web browser and have JavaScript enabled. The old HTML does not support Audio Players, so that is why it is in HTML 5, but you can still right click where it says MP3 and select Save As .. You might want to keep a pencil and paper to hand, but there is a PDF Transcript you can download here. Try to listen to all the lectures in order. Otherwise you will fail to fully comprehend latter episodes .

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(00) The Dawn of Man

11 Feb 1993

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When I first saw the movie 2001, I was amazed, awed, to say the least. The entire scope of the movie was overpowering and, for most of the people of the world, was completely baffling. Most people who saw that movie did not understand from beginning to end what it was that they had experienced, but they knew, everyone who saw it, knew that they had experienced something profound. That something had been communicated to the dark, deep recesses of their mind which they did not understand and, indeed, which they were incapable of understanding.

For you see, the movie was not meant for the "profane" as most of us are called by the Adepts, or the Initiates, or the priests of the Mystery Schools. For that movie was a message to those Initiates who were well versed in the symbology and the Mystery Religion of an ancient religion that is practiced to this day in secret.

Now, I am going to tell you the meaning of the symbology that you saw in the movie 2001, for it is the story of the entire human race, according to the history of the Mystery Religion of ancient Babylon. Now, I can assure you that you will not understand any of what you are going to hear without ample preparation, and without a basic understanding in the symbology of the ancient religion. And you're going to get that. And this is going to be a series of programs that will, in fact, take probably many hours to complete.

(01) Intro to Mysteries

12 Feb 1993

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You're listening to the Hour of the Time. I'm your host, William Cooper.

Tonight, ladies and gentleman, we begin the origin, the history, the dogma, and the identity of the ancient Mystery Religions, which are now known as the Mystery Schools, the Order of the Quest, Freemasonry, the Ancient Order of the Rose and Cross, The Knights Templar, the Sovereign and ilitary Order of the Knights of Malta, the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, the Prieure de Sion, the Thule Society, or sometimes known as the Thuley Society, the Order, the Skull and Bones, the Russell Trust, the Jason Society, the Scroll and Key, the Illuminati, and I could go on, and on, and on, and on.

But the most important thing to realize is that they all have been collectively known throughout the ages as the Mystery Schools. The Illuminati, which literally means, "illumined ones". International Socialism, Communism, they are all one and the same as you will come to know, and you will understand perfectly how they've been able to infiltrate all of our society.

What you hear tonight does not necessarily reflect my views, or beliefs, or religion...nor those of WWCR

(02) Antiquities

15 Feb 1993

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We continue where we left off last Friday night, February the 12th, and I want to quickly reiterate that what you're going to hear does not necessarily reflect my beliefs or my religion or the beliefs of the staff or management of WWCR, Worldwide Christian Radio. What you are hearing, folks, is for the first time in history the public revelation of the origin, the history, the dogma and the identity of those who operate in secret to bring about a worldwide totalitarian socialist government.

They are known to Christians as Mystery Babylon. It is an ancient religion.

Those of you who are smart enough to know what is transpiring here know that these are historic broadcasts and by making these broadcasts I have sealed my fate. "The Sun enters each heavenly Sign or House of the Zodiac in what is called the 30th degree and leaves at the 33rd degree. Thus, God's Sun is said by the ancients to begin his ministry at 30 and dies at 33. [William Cooper: A Freemason is not told the truth of the object of his worship until he attains the 30th degree, and] This is why the highest degree in Freemasonry is the 33rd [degree] – for no one can rise higher than the Sun! "When viewing the shimmering rays of sunlight on a body of water at dawn or sunset, one can still see today how God's Sun 'walks on water' . "

(03) Osiris and Isis Part 1

16 Feb 1993

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The fable of Isis and Osiris, as it has descended to us in the account given by Plutarch has not been greatly amplified by any modern research. The Egyptian fragments which have been translated in recent years offer no complete account of the birth, life, death and resurrection of Osiris, nor has any new key been found to unlock this great drama which may well be termed "The Passion Play of Egypt."

It is not our intention to perpetuate Plutarch's account merely for its outward appearance but rather, from the same motive that inspired Synesius, Platonic philosopher and Christian bishop, to compile his account of the same fabulous history. Synesius in his treatise On Providence [William Cooper: and you hear that word a lot in the Secret Societies, and especially in Freemasonry] thus introduces the Osirian myth: “'This fable is Egyptian. The Egyptians transcend in wisdom.

Perhaps therefore this also been a fable, obscurely signifies something more than a fable, because it is Egyptian. If, however, it is not a fable, but a sacred discourse, it will deserve in a still greater degree to be told, and committed to writing.

(04) Osiris and Isis Part 2

17 Feb 1993

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[Now,] if we concede that Osiris is the positive pole of the universal life agent, [William Cooper: as the Mystery School does,] then Isis becomes the receptive pole of that activity. He is the doctrine, she is the church. As in Christianity it is customary to refer the church as the bride of Christ, so in Egypt the institution of the Mysteries was the great Mother, the consort of Heaven itself. From this interpretation we gain a deeper insight into the symbolism of the whole of Osirian cycle. Isis [you see] becomes the temporal order of the priesthood, the accumulative body of Initiates. She is personified as the temple; she is the mother of all good, the protectress of all right, and the patron of all improvement."

[William Cooper]: Now, remember, this is the belief of the Mystery Schools. I'm not telling you what I believe. What you're learning on this program is what the Mystery Religion really is: its origin, its history, its dogma, and its identity. So don't get confused, here...don't get confused

(05) The NWO and Freemasonry

18 Feb 1993

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Ah,yes. A nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are steaks on the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent.

Do you fit that description?

I certainly hope not. If you do, then it's time to wake up and change it. And if you really want to know in a nutshell what's wrong with this country, go in your bathroom and look in the mirror.

(06) Maitreya

19 Feb 1993

MP3 OGG  MB06_02191993_Maitreya

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Folks, something is wrong in America, no doubt about it. There's a new religion appearing. "The New Age religion, appears to be the exact opposite of the Old Age religion, meaning the religion of the Jews and Christians."

It's not really that different. I've studied it, I've talked to people who practice it. They claim it's not a religion but it is. Christ has ceased to be to become a man, the son of God, the actual manifestation of God in the flesh on earth and has become the consciousness, the Christ consciousness. And anyone can be Christ if they have this Christ consciousness in the New Age religion.

"Now,these are the two religions that set the United States on its course because these religions taught that mankind had some basic human rights. They held that the family was the basic unit in all of the world; they believed in the right to private property; they believed in the unalienable right to life; they held that each person had the right to worship their god; and they held that all had the right to freedom of association, these positions... were deemed to be 'self-evident' by those who wrote the American Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, became the cornerstones of the American civilization. (The term 'self-evident' means that these human rights were not worthy of debate because they stood on their own, simply because they were true. They could not be debated. "Yet, today, these cornerstones of American life are no longer 'self-evident' They are being publicly discussed: people and organizations are now debating whether an individual has the basic human rights to life, liberty and property. "Frederick Wilhelm Nietzsche, a German philosopher, and one of the teachers of many of the world's leading communist revolutionaries, put the argument quite succinctly, in this statement: 'I condemn Christianity. I raise against the Christian Church the most terrible of all accusations that any accuser uttered is to me the highest conceivable corruption.' "

(07) Ecumenism

22 Feb 1993

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And that's what they say about this New World Order, that's it going to rid the world of evil men and make way for a thousand years of peace. Well, is it possible for people of varied faiths and cultures to live at peace in this world?

When one considers the fragmentation and division, even among Christians, or the neverending conflict between Palestinian and Jew, prospects for peace seem very, very dim. Some, aware of the dark record of history, would abolish all religion.

Some would combine all religion, as is the intent in the New World Order, and anyone who refused will simply be exterminated. Today, something unmatched in history is taking place. Leading statesmen and religious leaders are proposing a New World Order, a plan that many sincerely believe can bring peace on earth. A unity is envisioned that will transcend instinctive barriers that have long separated cultures and religions

(08) Initiation

24 Feb 1993

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"What were the mysteries? Until relatively recently, and relying upon comparatively scattered fragments such as Apuleius' Golden Ass , historians and religious writers had formed an opinion of them which has been shown to be extremely naive. They knew that at the ceremonies symbolical teaching took place, and hence inferred that the mysteries were a relic of the times when academic knowledge was guarded by the very few and scientific truths were given only to the elect. They knew that orgiastic drumming and dancing formed a part of many of the rituals, and therefore told their readers this was a degenerate form of religion, or a mere excuse for licentiousness. They found that stories of ancient gods and heroes were recited, and were sure the mysteries constituted little more than an underground survival of prehistoric religion, magic or tribal initiation.

Or maybe that's exactly what they wanted us to believe, knowing full well that it was false.

And, of course, if those who did the writing were members of the Mysteries, they would never have allowed the secrets to be revealed to the profane. "But times have changed. The study of 'brainwashing' and conditioning the mind within the past decade has helped to lay bare the essence of the mysteries, and has answered the riddles which surrounded them. In this process, those who have tried to keep the celebration of the mysteries alive, who have tried to revive them, have been shown up as relying upon the symbolic interpretation alone. And this revelation has been in its own way has been on of the most startling developments of contemporary religion. Almost anyone, for instance, can get away with telling anyone else that he was an Egyptian priest in a former incarnation, because there is so very little verifiable material available to prove the reverse."

(09) Gnosticism

25 Feb 1993

MP3 OGG  MB09_02251993_Gnosticism

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Well, to continue...remember that the first religion in the world was the religion of the worship of the heavens. And man eventually came to recognize the sun as the representation of the power and the ability of the hidden god of the universe. The invisible god of the universe, the al - powerful creator of everything.

But man, as he gained his intellectual ability, began to look toward himself, toward the intellect as that god. And the sun, the representation of what used to be the invisible god of the universe then because the representation of the intellect, the light, Lucifer. And man began to worship the Luciferian philosophy.

He believed -- these people who call themselves the "Guardians of the Secrets of the Ages," and still believe -- that man was held prisoner in the Garden of Eden by an unjust, vindictive and very cruel God, the God of the Bible. And that he was set free from the bonds of ignorance through the gift of intellect, given to him by Lucifer through his agent, Satan. Now, many people believe that Lucifer and Satan are the same individual entity, and they may be. I don't know the answer to that, I just know what the Mystery Schools believe, and I know what I personally believe and what I personally believe doesn't have any bearing on anything. Knowledge, the truth, is what counts, and that's what we're trying to get to the bottom of here.

Now, eventually this philosophy of worshiping the intellect, or wisdom, or the mind became known as Gnosticism . And the followers of Gnosticism began to be known as the Gnostics

(10) The Assassins

1 Mar 1993

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"Two men in the year 1092 stood on the ramparts of a medieval castle -- the Eagle's Nest -- perched high upon the crags of the Persian mountains: the personal representative of the Emperor and the veiled figure who claimed to be the incarnation of God on earth.

Hasan, son of Sabah, Sheikh of the Mountains and leader of the Assassins, spoke: 'You see that devotee standing guard on yonder turret - top? Watch!' "He made a signal. Instantly the white - robed figure threw up his hands in salutation, and cast himself two thousand feet into the foaming torrent which surrounded the fortress. "'I have seventy thousand men -- and women -- throughout Asia, each one of them ready to do my bidding. Can your master, Malik Shah, say the same? And he asks me to surrender to his sovereignty! This is your answer. Go!' "

Such a scene may be worthy of the most exaggerated of horror films. And yet it took place in historical fact.

The only quibble made by the chronicler of the time was that Hasan's devotees numbered 'only about forty thousand.' How this man Sabah came by his uncanny power, and how his devotees struck terror into the hearts of men from the Caspian to Egypt, is one of the most extraordinary of all tales of secret societies. Today, the sect of the Hashishin still exists in the form of the Ismailis / Ishmaelites, whose undisputed chief, endowed by them with divine attributes, is the Aga Khan. "Like many another secret cult, the Assassin organization was based upon an earlier association. In order to understand how they worked and what their objectives were, we must begin with these roots"

(11) The Assassins and The Templars

2 Mar 1993

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Following the completion of the story of The Assassins . . . .

In the year 1110, a mysterious order called the Prieure de Sion appeared upon the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This mysterious secret order, the Prieure de Sion, was eventually to crown the first king, the first Christian king of Jerusalem. When they appeared in the Temple Mount in 1110, they recruited nine knights to comb, to scour the Temple Mount, the passages and caverns and tunnels beneath for the ancient remains of the relics of their religion. "Later in A.D. 1118, nine knights, concerned for the welfare of pilgrims to the Holy Land, bound themselves together in the creation of a knightly Order."

This order, again existing of nine knights, just like the original nine knights, were commissioned by the Prieure de Sion. "In under two hundred years this organization had become one of the most powerful single entities - if not the greatest - in Europe." They were the first international bankers. The first that ever existed in the world. "A few years later it was utterly destroyed."

They say, however, as you're going to find out, they were not destroyed at all, but merely driven underground. "The zeal of religion, the conditioning which made men support a dedicated cause with all of their might, was likewise the instrument of their destruction. Nothing less than religious fervor could have smashed the Order: as nothing less could have created it."

And folks, you're going to find it difficult to believe, but the rise of this order and destruction, at least publically, of this order has such a great bearing on events today that you could say that everything that has happened since has been brought about by this one series of acts.

(12) The End of The Templars

3 Mar 1993

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"When Jerusalem was lost, their headquarters were transferred to Paris. This building, like all their branch churches, was known as the Temple. It was here that the French King Philip the Fair took refuge in 1306, to escape a civil commotion. It is said that this visit gave him his first insight into the real wealth of the order..."

Now, remember, the wealth was not for the members, for they practiced the first true Socialism --international Socialism, or Communism. "...the fabulous treasures which his host showed him giving the bankrupt monarch the idea to plunder the knights on the pretext that they were dominated by heresies."

"Phillip the Fair was not entirely without some grounds for attacking the Templars. In 1208 we find Pope Innocent III, a great friend of the Order, censuring them publicly for 'Causing their churches to be thrown open for Mass to be said every day with loud ringing of bells, bearing the cross of Christ on their breasts but not caring to follow his doctrines which [forbid] to giving offense to any of the little ones who believe in him. Following the doctrines of demons, they affix the cross of their Order upon the breast of every kind of scoundrel, asserting that whoever by paying two or three pence a year became one of their fraternity could not, even if interdicted, be deprived of Christian burial...and thus they themselves, being captive to the devil, cease not to make captive the souls of the faithful, seeking to make alive those whom they to be dead...'

The first sign of an attempt to bring some sort of physical restraint upon the Templars came from Henry III of England. In 1252 he hinted that he might try to seize some of the property of the Order: 'You prelates and religious,' he said, 'especially you Templars and Hospitallers, have so many liberties and charters that your enormous possessions make you rave with pride and haughtiness. What was imprudently given must therefore be prudently revoked; and what was inconsiderately bestowed must be considerately recalled.'

"The Master of the Templars immediately replied: 'What sayest thou, O King? Far be it that thy mouth should utter so disagreeable and silly a word. So long as thou dost exercise justice thou wilt reign; but if thou infringe it, thou wilt cease to be King!' " Now remember that the Knights Templar at that time were the very first international bankers. They were the wealthiest Order, wealthiest group, then known in the world -- even surpassing the kings of the different countries that existed. And even though the Hospitallers were created before the Knights Templar, eventually the two became the same Order, though to the public and to the rulers of Europe, they were different orders with different names.

(13) The Skull and Bones

8 Mar 1993

MP3 OGG  MB13_03081993_The_Skull_and_Bones

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"The research behind this book is not originally intended to reveal anything about Freemasonry or the Knights Templar. Its objective had been to satisfy my own curiosity about certain unexplained aspects of the Peasants' Revolt in England in 1381, a savage uprising that saw upwards of a hundred thousand Englishmen march on London. They moved in uncontrolled rage, burning down manor houses, breaking open prisons, and cutting down any who stood in their way.

"One unsolved mystery of that revolt was the organization behind it. For several years, a group of disgruntled priests of the lower clergy had traveled the towns, preaching against the riches and corruption of the church. During the months before the uprising, secret meetings had been held throughout central England by men weaving a network of communication. After the revolt was put down, rebel leaders confessed to being agents of a 'Great Society,' said to be based in London. So very little is known of that alleged organization that several scholars have solved the mystery simply by deciding that no such secret society ever existed.

"Another mystery was the concentrated and especially vicious attacks on the religious order of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John, now known as the Knights of Malta. Not only did the rebels seek out their properties for vandalism and fire, but their prior was dragged from the Tower of London to have his head struck off and placed on London Bridge, to the delight of the cheering mob.

"There was no question that the ferocity that was unleashed on the crusading Hospitallers had a purpose behind it. One captured rebel leader, when asked for the reasons for the revolt, said, 'First, and above all...the destruction of the Hospitallers.' What kind of secret society could have that special hatred as one of its primary purposes?

(14) The Roshaniya

9 Mar 1993


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"The sixteenth century saw the rise of a very powerful society based upon a secret cult, in the mountains of Afghanistan ‐‐ the Roshaniya, illuminated ones. References to the existence of this mystical fraternity exist from the time of the House of Wisdom at Cairo, several hundred years before."

In fact, the Roshaniya are just a later emergence of the old cult of the Assassins. "It seems likely the small branches were founded in various parts of the near and Middle East; which would account for the special usage of the names of the eight degrees of initiation among them.

"The earliest figure named in the history of the cult is one Bayezid Ansari, of Afghanistan, whose family claimed descent from the Ansar ‐‐ the 'Helpers', who assisted Mohammed after his flight from Mecca nearly fourteen hundred years ago. As a reward for this service, he stated, his ancestors had been granted initiation into the mysteries of the Ishmaelite religion: the secret, inner training dated from Abraham's rebuilding of the Temple at Mecca, the mystical Harem." To the Assassins, through the Roshaniya and into Europe via the Knights Templar. "Bayezid's own father, however, was known to be as narrowly conventional as anyone in the country, and one account of the rapid rise of the sect has it that Bayezid, after a period of preparation for the normal priesthood, was converted to his strange doctrine by a missionary from the Ismailis, the sectarians holding a secret doctrine supposedly handed down in the family of the Prophet, who maintained hidden lodges throughout the world of Islam and also claimed (after the Crusades) to have penetrated with their ideas even Spain, Germany, France and parts of Britain.

"However this may be, the Illuminated Ones soon became more than a headache for the governors of Afghanistan, the Mogul rulers of India, and their Persian neighbors. Not far from Peshawar, which is now in the north‐west of Pakistan, Bayezid set up a small school, where he carefully coached those who had been initiated by him in the knowledge of the supernatural that he claimed. A period of probation was expected from each candidate, during which [he] would go into periods of concealment or meditation, known as khilwat.

During this time he was to receive the illumination which was emanated from the supreme being, who desired a class of perfect men ‐‐ and women ‐‐ to carry out the organization and direction of the world.

(15) Quotes of Freemasons

10 Mar 1993


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The question of just what the ancient mysteries were, folks, was answered in part by Albert G. Mackey, another 33rd degree Mason. He wrote a two‐volume work, entitled Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, and wrote this under the subject of the Ancient Mysteries: "Each of the pagan gods had (besides the public and open) a secret worship paid [to] him, to which none were admitted but those who had been selected by preparatory ceremonies, called initiation. This secret worship was termed the Mysteries."

The student of the Masonic order can know that, when Mr. Mackey writes, his writings can be relied upon. He is considered to be one of the premiere Masonic authors of all‐time. These are the comments from the biographical information presented on Mr. Mackey in front of his encyclopedia: "His writings are universally esteemed for their sincerity, honest records and common sense. He was a leader in research who valued accuracy."

Carl Claudy, another Mason who writes on the subject of the Lodge, also has words of praise for Mr. Mackey: "He was one of the greatest students and most widely followed authorities the Masonic world has ever known." And in his book, entitled Introduction to Freemasonry, he praised Mr. Mackey with these words: "Albert Gallatin Mackey: one of the greatest students and most widely followed authorities the Masonic world has known...He is the great master of Freemasonry." So, Mr. Mackey certainly can be believed when he tells his readers that the worship of pagan gods had a secret, non‐visible worship beside the public one. The reader can believe him when he identifies the name of this secret worship. He told his readers, "This secret worship was termed, 'The Mysteries'."

Now, in case you weren't listening there, this is a dead giveaway and an admission that the gods that walked with men were known (at least in the Bible) as Satan. For he says here ‐‐ and I'm going to read this again for you, folks, because I know some of you just didn't pick it up, because I know the minds of the sheeple operate. And there's a lot of sheeple listening. There's also a lot of people listening who aren't sheeple, and they know that I'm not talking to them. If the word 'sheeple' apply to you makes you angry [sic], then folks, it is an indication that it fits you like a shoe, like a glove, that you are indeed one of the sheeple. Let me read it again: "With these specially ordained and illumined sons they left the keys of their great wisdom, which was the knowledge of good and evil." According to the Bible, the knowledge of good and evil was imparted to Adam when Satan enticed Eve to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge and she, in turn, enticed Adam. And what was the fruit of the tree of knowledge? It was the knowledge of good and evil. It was forbidden for man to know that.

Now, I'm not making judgment on any of this, I'm just telling you what my research says. Remember, this is not a religious program. And while I, myself, personally, have my own idea of what my own religion is, I am in no means trying to foist it off on anyone else. Let me continue . . . .

(16) Sun Worship

30 Mar 1993


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Now, this is the sixteenth hour of our series on Mystery Babylon. Many of you have already made the necessary connections. You know what's happening, and you know who's bringing it about, and you know why. Some of you still do not, so we will continue.

The Serpent Kings reigned over the earth. " 'It was these Serpent Kings who founded the Mystery Schools which later appeared as the Egyptian and Brahmin Mysteries...The serpent was their symbol...They were the true Sons of Light, and from them have descended a long line of adepts and initiates duly tried and proven according to the law.' "

And the proper term is not Freemason, it's frere‐macon. It comes from the French, from the Knights of Templar, and it literally means 'the Sons of Light'.

"Another writer, Wilfred Gregson, informed his readers why Mr. Hall capitalized the two words "Serpent Kings" when he wrote: " 'One symbol of great prominence throughout all ancient civilizations is the snake, or serpent, where it has symbolized "Divine Wisdom." '

(17) Bibliography

31 Mar 1993


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Good evening, folks, at home and around the world, and welcome to another edition of The Hour Of The Time. I'm William Cooper, and I strongly suggest that you have pen and paper by your side all during this episode of the Hour Of The Time, for I am going to be giving you a complete bibliography. You see, folks, I own a library that is better than most city libraries in this country. And I am going to give you the names, authors and publishing companies of the books that will start you off to bring you up to speed where I am at. And you're just going to get what you need to get to a beginning level tonight.

(18) Lucifer Worship

12 May 1993


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Folks, tonight's episode of Mystery Babylon, the 18th hour. I'm going to take directly verbatim from chapter nine of A. Ralph Epperson's book, called The New World Order. He's going to be a guest on the show soon, and you'll know why once you hear what...what we got to say tonight. So pay attention, and remember, as always, as always, just because I'm giving you this series of Mystery Babylon doesn't mean that you're supposed to believe what I'm telling you blindly. That's why I gave you the bibliography last night. You've got to go out and find the truth from your own research, and I'm the only one who ever tells you that. Everybody else wants you to believe verbatim what they say because they're saying it and who they are. And I'm tell you not to believe anybody, not even me ‐‐ not even your own mother ‐‐ unless you can verify it in your own work, your own research. Make sure that you do it, too.

"Now the Bible, folks, discusses of a being called Lucifer in both the Old and New Testaments..." [William Cooper]: And we're going to be talking a lot about the Bible tonight because we have to look at this from every point of view. We've looked at it from the Mystery Schools. We've looked at it logically, we've looked at it historically. Now we're going to look at it from the Bible's point of view, but not strictly from the Bible's point of view. But you need to know this.

"The Bible discusses a being called Lucifer in both the Old and New Testaments. Other names for this creature are Satan, and the Devil. "One of the first explanations of just who this being known as Lucifer is, is found in the Old Testament in a book written by the prophet Isaiah, who wrote around 740 B.C. He wrote that Lucifer was created 'full of wisdom,' and was 'perfect.' He was created the 'anointed cherub that covereth the throne of God,' and that he actually was 'upon the holy mountain of God.' He later 'corrupted [his] wisdom by reason of [his] brightness.' The Bible then records that God 'cast [him] to the ground.'

(19) Fundamental Laws (Rose Cross)

11 May 1993


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Everybody look back, in that corner at the far side of the room, where it's real dark, behind that chair. I'm going to turn on a very, very bright light, and I want you all to watch the cockroaches scatter. For tonight, I'm going to read, verbatim, to you from a book that we found on a dusty shelf, far back in the rear of a used bookstore, that proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that what I've been revealing to you in the segment ‐‐ the many segments ‐‐ of the series, entitled the Mystery Schools, on this program the Hour of The Time has been not only true, but right on target, and the first time that this information has ever been exposed in its entirety to the people of the world.

Now, had you better go to the used bookstores in your cities and you'd better get there before the cockroaches get there, because I tell you now, they know we are searching for proof and that we are digging for the evidence that we will use in the future to hang them by their own rope. You need to get there first and buy any and every book that is concerned with any and every secret society, mystery religion or cult that you can find. If you don't understand them and if you don't want to use them to help us expose these people, then send those books to us, because we will put them to the best use.

I'm holding in my hand an old faded...what use to be red, hard‐backed, covered book ‐‐ it's almost orange now because it's faded with age ‐‐ entitled Fundamental Laws: 68th Convocation. On the front of the cover is some of the symbology of the Mystery Schools. There is a rope representing the snake eating its own tail, also known as the Magic Circle. Within this Magic Circle, there is a triangle, actually three triangles, one within the other. Within the triangles, there's the symbol of the skull and bones; there is the symbol of wings around the world; there's the symbol of the ark, the anchor and the three letters T‐R‐Y beneath the three triangles. This is the verbatim written report, published 1916, ladies and gentlemen, that I'm going to read to you from: "Fundamental Laws: A Report of the 68th Convocation of the Rose Cross Order. Giving a resume of the proceedings of the Convocation, together with most of the lectures that were delivered during this time of the Convocation, by the several delegates present. Also a report of the work of Ancient Initiation in the Grove of Osiris as especially prepared for the occasion." Below that is the symbol of a triangle with three stone steps, representing the three degrees of initiation. Up on the top step is a cross, in the center of which is a rose. And beneath the triangle, again, the three letters, T‐R‐Y. This is copyrighted, 1916, published by The Philosophical Publishing Company. Allentown, Pennsylvania, for the Members of the Rose Cross Order.

(20) William Morgan Interview Pt 1

14 May 1993


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Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to have as my special guest today William Morgan, who is one of the members of the Citizens Agency for Joint Intelligence and has been for some time. Now, that's all that we can tell you about his identity. You will hear from him his own story, what he's been doing, how he's been doing it, what kind of information he has collected for our organization for the citizens of this country and of the world. And we're going to talk about...well, I guess you just have to call it "undercover operations". This men has been undercover for the Citizens Agency for Joint Intelligence, and I remember several episodes of the show before, sometime during the series that we call the Mystery Schools, which we've done, I believe, nineteen hours of broadcasting covering that subject. I told you that we had infiltrated the Lodge, the Mystery Schools, Mystery Babylon. In fact, we have not only infiltrated it once, but many times in this country and in lodges around the world. So, the information that we're giving you on the Mystery Schools is not conjecture. It does not come from a bunch of people sitting around making up information. It comes from the books printed by the Ministry Schools themselves. It comes from our members who are actually in the lodge, and we check, double‐check everything that they bring to us. Please welcome to the Hour of the Time, William Morgan.

(21) William Morgan Interview Pt 2

17 May 1993


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Tonight's episode: part two of the interview with William Morgan, CAJI member. We have infiltrated the lodge, folks. Hear it yourself from the lips of a 32nd degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction.

Well, as you probably already know, folks, we only use the very best music on this program, the Hour of the Time. That was U2 and I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. You know, many of you write and ask why I let the music go on through the whole selection instead of fading it out and then bringing in the program. And I do that, folks, out of sincere admiration and respect for the talent and the performance of the writer of the music, the lyrics, and, of course, those who perform. I love music, if you haven't guessed that already. Tonight is part two of our interview with William Morgan, and many of you are wondering if that's his real name. No, it is not. We protect CAJI members. We never tell anyone how many CAJI members we have, we're they're at, what their names are, anything. None of that information is given out, not even to other CAJI members. Now, we use the code name, or the pseudonym, of William Morgan, simply because the name William Morgan is significant in the past of the (laughs) secret society called Freemasonry. William Morgan was murdered by Freemasons after having revealed, printed in a book, some of the secrets of the lodge, and this was done back in the 1800s. Of course, the fraternity of Freemasons denies they murdered William Morgan. However, their version differs significantly from the official version and from the proof and the evidence that we have spent many, many hundreds of man‐hours digging up, and one of these nights we're going to do a program just entirely on the murder of William Morgan.

(22) William Morgan Interview Pt 3

18 May 1993


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Tonight, episode number 21 in our series of Mystery Babylon, and the third hour of interview with William Morgan.

(23) Jordan Maxwell Interview

17 Jun 1993


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Tonight, folks, you'll notice the absence of our normal lead‐in music. You'll also notice that we're not going into any type of a musical selection to introduce the subject matter of this program as we usually do, simply because I want to devote the maximum amount of time to our special guest tonight, Mr. Jordan Maxwell. Now, I never met Jordan Maxwell in my life until today. I don't really know him personally. I have been introduced to him circuitously through a bevy of my own personal friends whom, after listening to my lectures, after reading my book, realize that Mr. Jordan Maxwell and I have quite a bit in common. And they prompted me, pushed me, (laughs) you might say, to meet with this gentleman, and I guess that you had the same treatment on your end, didn't you, Jordan?

[Jordan Maxwell (JM)]: I certainly did, yes.

[WC]: Jordan has a fascinating background. He has paralleled my research in many avenues, in many areas, and has come up with the same conclusions, the same results, the same answers to the questions that I have asked all my life. And tonight, we're going to be talking about the answers that he has come up. But first, I'm going to ask him to introduce himself to our listening audience. Jordan?

[JM]: Well, thank you very much for asking me to be here. My name is Jordan Maxwell, as we've said. As of 1959, I became very interested in this subject of secret societies and subversive movements. I came about it because of my family. When I was very small, my mother's uncle worked in the Vatican's Secretary of State's office as a civilian, and on occasions when he would come back home to visit, back to this country, he would sit and talk for hours about the intrigue going on throughout the world, behind the scenes of religion and politics, and all the nefarious plans that are being fomented by governments and religion, and I became fascinated with this subject. Since then, I I said, since 1959, I have really delved into subject myself, and I find the more that you know about this subject, the more you know how much you don't know, because it is an enormous subject that takes in not only the fraternal orders, the secret societies of Freemasonry, the occult societies going on back into the most ancient world, going back to pre‐Sumerian, and those symbols and emblems which were used in the ancient world are now even being used in our world, our modern‐day world and we don't even realize it. As a matter of fact, things like the oil companies, the automotive companies, the cigarette companies, use symbols and emblems. And, of course, in government, national institutions, educational institutions...our world is filled with symbols, and symbols are like the letters of the alphabet. If you put enough of them together they spell a word, and you put a lot of them together, and they tell you a story. The story I am talking about is the secret societies and occult orders that go all the way back into the ancient world, and I believe, and is my opinion, that they are still in operation today behind our major religions and major governmental agencies. The symbols and emblems you can see with your own eyes and do some research and you'll find they back into the ancient world. Now, we like to talk about...that there's a separation of church and state in America. The fact of the matter is, no such separation exists. There is a very direct connection between the religious establishment in this country and the political establishment. And, as you probably well know, has always been the case, all the way back to the pre‐Sumerians there. The king was always the mediator between God and man, as well as being head of the temple state. The Pharaohs, of course, of Egypt perfected this so that they were both gods and mortals who were ruling the state. The Caesars picked up on this, of course, and it's come down through the ages, and even in our country of America today, we have a direct connection between church and state. And let me draw your attention to this and make you an example, here. Churches, when you go into most churches you will find that they are, like, three tiers high and then the altar sits on the top tier. The same is true in a courtroom. You go into a courthouse and you'll see that the bench sits on three tiers high, and the three tiers high [sic] has been traced in the reference works of Freemasonry to the first three degrees of Freemasonry.

(24) Americas Assignment Pt 1

30 Jun 1993


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Those desiring substantial evidence of the unfoldment of the Great Plan should follow the suggestion inscribed upon the monument to Christopher Wren in Saint Paul's Cathedral, and gaze about them. The rapid advancement in the social and political states of man, the increasing richness of human living, and the broadening vision toward individual and collective responsibility herald, with auroral colors, the rising [of the] sun of truth. There is much yet to be accomplished, but already the achievement is impressive. Even the most devout humanist cannot survey the orderly progress of the race and at the same time deny the existence of a well‐integrated program. The light of the ancient Vedas is slowly but surely illuminating the whole world. The vision of man's noble destiny and the sacred sciences which made possible the realization of that vision have been guarded and served by "the Silent Ones of the earth." The priesthoods of the sacerdotal colleges, the hierophants of the Mystery Schools, and the adept‐masters of the Secret Societies have been the guardians of man's noblest purpose ‐‐ the perfection of his own kind. It is the inalienable right of every honorable person to be grateful for the opportunities which progress bestows. With this appreciation comes also an appropriate measure of resolution. The past proves the future, which is but the extension of good works toward their fullness.

The Mystery Schools neither restrained nor limited the unfoldment of human institutions. Man fashioned his civilization according to his natural instincts and convictions. [And] this process must continue, for growth is not hastened by the interference of authority. Man substantiates with his mind and heart that which he fashions with his hands. The esoteric tradition ensouls "the ordinary works," revealing the larger purposes through the smaller ones. Not so long ago, ninety percent of the population of the earth was in physical slavery. Having liberated his body, the audacious creature must now free his heart and mind. Thus, pressed on by a sovereign necessity, the world conqueror becomes the self‐conqueror.

Under a democratic concept of living, the responsibilities for progress pass to the keeping of the people. The powers vested in the governing body functioning with the consent of the governed include not only provisions for collective security, but also the advancement of such religions, philosophers, arts, and sciences as contribute to the essential growth of human character. An administrative system which ignores ethics, culture, and morality cannot survive as a dominant political organism. Democratic institutions must accept the task for which they were fashioned and become the conscious custodians of the democratic destiny. Progress demands the most from those with the largest spheres of influence. Vast organizations, industrial, political, social, and educational, have been made possible by the modern life‐way. These have become the molders of public opinion, feared or respected according to the measure of integrity revealed in their management. The future of human society is intimately associated with the destinies of these vast enterprises which have inherited, along with physical success, the duty or, more correctly, the privilege of world guardianship. Even the continuance of the economic theory now demands the strengthening of ethical convictions. Prominence of any kind, whether bestowed by wealth or authority, carries with it priestly obligations. The leader, whatever be his field, is looked upon for intelligent guidance. His convictions inspire his followers, his words influence their lives, and his policies dominate their activities. There is every indication that the esoteric tradition will next function through that complex of vast interrelated organisms of production and distribution which now dominates human imagination. While this structure may appear to the superficial‐minded as heartless and soulless, it is also the largest and most powerful potential instrument for the advancement of mankind ever yet devised. Education, science, and economics are today indivisible. They have already formed a partnership for their mutual advancement. Equipped with knowledge, skill, and the necessary physical resources, this huge combine awaits the destiny for which it was intended. There is no virtue in burdening the future with the conclusions of today. To prophecy is to restrict, not the will of heaven, but the mind of man. Old principles, as they reveal more of themselves, will be given new names; and progress is always an adjustment of concepts, each of which is in a constant state of change. Assuming, however, that the term democracy, with its numerous imponderable overtones, conveys a conviction of natural unfoldment, it is reasonable to infer that the democratic motion will continue until all of its potentials have become potencies.

(25) Americas Assignment Pt 2

1 Jul 1993


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Tonight's program, ladies and gentlemen, comes from a book by Manly P. Hall, named America's Assignment with Destiny. And last night, we had our young research assistant do the last half of the program. We understand that some of his narrative could not understood, as it was his first try at radio broadcasting. And we're going to continue to work with him. And he's going to get better and he's going to do some more programs on the Hour of the Time, because we like to share everything around here and give everybody a chance to be the best that they can be.

So, I'm going to continue tonight where I left off at the halfway point in the program to make sure that nobody misses any portion of any of this series. And we continue now.

It was written that the Cholulans deeply admired [Quetzalcoatl] the great priest because of the purity of his life, the kindliness of his manner, and his doctrines of peace and brotherhood. He remained with them for nearly twenty years, slowly sickening from the poison which was destroying his body. At last he realized that his ministry was coming to an end, so he continued his long journey toward the mysterious city of Tlapallan from which he had come. He turned toward the east and proceeded to the sea, which he reached at a point a few miles south of Veracruz. Here he blessed the four young men who had accompanied him and bade them return to their homes, with his promise that one day in the future he would return and restore his kingdom among them. Then the old and weary man called to the sea, and out of the waters came a raft of serpents. He stepped upon this strange craft and was carried away into the land of the sun's beginning. He left behind him a priesthood that perpetuated with esoteric rites the Mysteries of the Feathered Serpent. There is every indication[, folks] that the cult of Quetzalcoatl was kept secret, a precaution necessary in the face of the opposition of the primitive indigenous sects.

There are several accounts of the death or departure of Quetzalcoatl. The conflict is due in part to the legends being derived from different tribes, and in part to the Spanish methods of gathering the reports. [Now,] these invaders took slight interest in the native traditions, until they had destroyed most of the available sources of information. Later, even the converted Indians were uncertain of their tribal history. There is reason to believe, however, that some sacred records were intentionally suppressed and were never available to the missionaries. The people of Mexico claim to have sacred accounts of the mysteries of their religion and the origin of their race. There is mention of the Divine Book written by Tezcucan, a wise man or wizard, whose name means Lord of the Great Hand. This was supposed to contain the account of the migration of the Aztecs from Asia. Baron de Waldeck claimed that the book had once been in his possession. De Bourbourg thought it was the Dresden Codex, and Bustamante wrote that native historians had a copy in their possession at the time of the fall of Mexico. [Now,] there is good probability that manuscripts of great value survived the Spanish colonial period and are still available to certain qualified persons.

(26) Americas Assignment Pt 3

11 Aug 1993


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Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we continue with America's Assignment with Destiny. You remember, we talked about the history of the religion in the Mystery School of the ancient Aztecs, the Mayans and the other American Indians of the old Americas, before Europeans supposedly set foot upon the shores. As you will hear, it's entirely possible and, indeed, highly probable that, not only Europeans, but people from the Middle East and from the continent of Africa, set foot upon these shores long, long before Columbus ever dreamed...ever dreamed of reaching India by sailing toward the west. In fact, if you've been listening closely to the previous episodes of America's Assignment with Destiny, you may have already understood that the Indians were practicing almost exactly the same Mystery Religion that was present in the Middle East and in Egypt long, long before the birth of Christ.

Many tribes, especially the Plains Indians, believed that thunder and lightning were caused by enormous birds ‐‐ the rumbling sounds in the sky accompanying storms were due to the flapping of their wings, and the flashes of light were caused by the opening and closing of their eyes. In some groups, only one thunderbird was recognized; in other tribes, there were several of various colors or a family of them. The appearance of the bird, or birds, is not definitely given; it might be similar to a large hawk, an eagle, or even a grouse. The thunderbird could use its wings as a bow to shoot arrows, and small meteors were believed to be the heads of these arrows. On the Plains, thunderstorms were said to result from a contest between a thunderbird and a huge rattlesnake, or dragonlike monster. Persons struck by lightning, if they recovered, were accepted as sages or holy men, having received a very strong medicine from [this] experience.

(27) Letter About Masonry

17 Aug 1993


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Well, folks, I'm going to take you one step further in your education tonight. I am holding in my hands, dear listeners, an old, very old book, published in 1883 in Philadelphia by Collins & McDill. The name of this book is In the Coils; or, The Coming Conflict. Again, the book was published in 1883 in Philadelphia by Collins & McDill. The title is In the Coils; or, The Coming Conflict, by E.B.G. This is the second edition, which means there was an edition before this. And there is a quote here by Wendell Philips, who says, "This is the next great question the nation must take up and decide." And this book, ladies and gentlemen, is priceless, for it was originally copyrighted in 1882 ‐‐ actually, not copyrighted, but entered, according to an Act of Congress, in 1882 by A.P. McDill in the office of the librarian of Congress at Washington, D.C. So if you can't find this anywhere else, it is in the Library of Congress. This is about one man's battle with Freemasonry, and I'm going to read to you a letter, which begins on page 237. This letter is written by Dr. Groves and sent to a Mr. Dover: (start of quote)

My Dear Friend: ‐‐ I have delayed a reply to your note in order that I might be able to answer both your questions fully and with some degree of certainty.

I am glad to be able to say that I am personally acquainted with your nephew, and that I highly esteem him. I have consulted several influential men in our village, and we all agree in our opinion of Bates and his prospects in this precinct. So I can answer both of your questions together and use the plural "we" and "our," instead of showing you mine opinion alone.

We believe Bates to be the best candidate in the field as yet, and it is possible that he will have our hearty support. We are not altogether satisfied with any of our candidates; but we do not expect to find one that will suit us in every particular. We may consistently support a person and yet have some objection to him. So in regard to Bates. We have on serious objection to him, but whether that will be in our way of supporting him depends on circumstances. I suppose you want a plain statement of the whole matter rather than any uncertain and flattering promises, and I will not be kept back by fear of offending you, or by a desire for office or popularity, from stating clearly our objection to Bates, and the circumstances in which he may probably expect our support. We do not object to his abilities, moral character, republicanism, relatives or general fitness for the place. We appreciate him for all these. Our only objection to him is, that by certain and numerous oaths which he considers binding, (we do not, however,) he has pledged his support to a monopoly which is more powerful and dangerous than those which he professes to oppose, and has sworn his allegiance to a government which claims supremacy over all other authority whether of church or state. In a word, as we are informed, Mr. Bates is a Freemason.

(28) Jordan Maxwell and Anthony Hilder

18 Aug 1993


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[Dwayne Walker (DW)]: Is there a group of men and women out there who are secretly controlling our finances, our media communications and every aspects of our lives? Well, my two guests think that they very well might be. Uh, we have Jordan Maxwell, who has made an appearance in Ancient Mysteries of the Bible on CBS with William Devane hosting it, and he's agreed to come back and do the sequel, and we have Anthony J. Hilder, of Radio Free World. Uh, Jordan Maxwell's name, there's a quote that I'd like to bring to your attention and I'd like to start off with, uh, Jordan answering this. "It is probable that most of the public figures and military men involved in the secret scheme are unaware of the real goals or who is really behind it." Jordan, I gotta ask, what's...what's going on here?

[Jordan Maxwell (JM)]: (laughs) Well let's, let's start with a term that we're hearing quite a bit about in the last couple of years: The New World Order. Our president is going all around the world proclaiming a New World Order. Incidentally, all the presidents, living presidents, along with many of the heads of states throughout the world are going to meet, according to the L.A. Times, are going to meet in the year 2000 at the pyramid in Egypt to bring in what is called the New World Order. There is something going on here on an international worldwide scale right before our eyes, but that so many of us are unaware and, consequently, we're not really seeing what is happening. There is, in fact, a conspiracy or a planned world domination coming by this thing that George Bush calls, a "New World Order." On the back of the one dollar bill, there are a lot of important occult symbolism on the back of the one dollar bill [sic]. On the left‐hand side, you'll see the pyramid, and the pyramid of Egypt. It's an Egyptian pyramid on an American dollar bill. The significance is very important. Above the pyramid, you will see the words, Annuit Cœptis, which basically means in Latin, "Our enterprise is a success," or "Our project has been crowned with success." And the project, which is the success, is on the banner beneath the pyramid: Novus Ordo Seclorum, being Latin for "New Order of the World," or the "New World Order." On the bottom of the pyramid you will see the Roman numerals for 1776. This exact, identical emblem of the pyramid within the circle, the Novus Ordo Seclorum, it was not original in America [sic]. It was first found on writings that are today in museums in Europe in the year 1774, 1775, by a man named Adam Weishoff, who founded the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati, a secret society of Freemasons operating in Europe that had designs on the entire world to bring about what they called a New World Order. So that emblem on the back of the dollar bill, on the left‐hand side, with the pyramid is not an American symbol. It is a very old symbol coming from...

[Anthony Hilder (AH)]: Jordan, you should bring up the fact that this is the Order of the Illuminati...

(29) The Godmakers

13 Oct 1993


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Investigative reporter Jeffrey Kaye concluded, "The Mormon Church, this American Zion, wields more economic power more effectively than the state of Israel or the Pope in Rome." Actually, [dear listeners,] the word church is misleading when applied to Mormondom, for the power structure controlling its staggering resources is organized for the kind of absolute authoritarianism that one usually associates with a cult and not with a responsible church. Nor are the ultimate goals of The Brethren compatible with the normal aims of Christian leaders.

[William Cooper: In fact, in no way, shape or form can the Mormon church be called, "Christian."] They are essentially the same as those of cults in general and especially those of secret revolutionary groups working toward a takeover of the world. As one former teacher of Brigham Young University has said: "The Mormons do intend to take over the world...There is no secret about that ‐‐ it's in the writings of Joseph Smith right on down. The Constitution of the United States will 'hang by a thread' and the church will save it by establishing a theocracy."

Any who think the Mormon kingdom is a democracy are under a delusion. In fact it is a dictatorship ruled by its inner elite circle[, a council of elders]. As the front page of The Wall Street Journal recently said, "Today, from their 28th story marble‐and‐glass Church headquarters building in Salt Lake City, Mormon Church leaders oversee a vast and growing world‐wide financial empire." From these offices, their dictatorial control reaches out to every Church level and into every facet of Mormon life. Whatever "vote" there seems to be at the Ward, Stake, and individual levels is part of a cleverly contrived illusion that continues to deceive millions of Mormons into imagining that they actually have some say in Church affairs. Although they do have the "freedom" to disagree with their leaders, to do so means excommunication and damnation. Excommunicated for openly disagreeing with The Brethren's position on ERA, Sonia Johnson has said [this]: "The Mormon church has become more powerful than we dare believe. It's downright terrifying, especially when you see how rich and influential it is...I really think if we could ever get an investigation, it would uncover something so like Watergate, it would blow everything wide open."

(30) The UN Meditation Room

18 Oct 1993


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The Meditation Room[, ladies and gentlemen,] is thirty feet long, eighteen feet wide at the entrance (which faces north north‐east), and nine feet wide at the other end. It is therefore wedge‐shaped. Its only entrance is through two tinted glass‐paned doors outside of which stands a United Nations guard. Inside the room is another guard. Once through the doors, the visitor finds himself in a darkened corridor which leads to the left. The sharp transition from the world of light to one of extreme darkness forces a feeling of abrupt withdraw from the outside world upon the senses of the visitor who walks along the corridor, reaches the inner arched entrance, turns right, and then looks into the room.

The room is very dimly lit. The only source of light, at first glance, is that which is reflected squarely from the gleaming upper surface of the brooding, somber altar in the center of the room. A special lens recessed in the ceiling focuses a beam of light on the altar from a point above and just beyond its far edge. Thin lines of bluish light lap the edges of the shadow cast by the altar. The acoustical properties of the room are unique. The edges of padding material behind the paneling on the walls can be detected at the ceiling level. This absorbs sound as does the Swedish‐woven blue rug which covers the floor of the corridor in the back of the room. The room is as quiet as an underground tomb. Its floors paved with blue‐grey slate slabs laid in a haphazard pattern. At the edge of the rug are two very low railings extending out from the east and west walls of the room. The center space between the railings is some six feet in width. To the right of the inner entrance are ten low wicker benches arranged in two rows of three and one back row of four against the corridor wall. Attempts by visitors to pass the railings are discouraged by the guard.

The mural is a fresco which was painted originally on wet plaster one section at a time by the artist with the aid of an expert in this work brought from Europe. It is set into a steel‐framed narrow panel projected from the wall, behind which is an enclosed area some six inches deep which has its own light source. A small, square projector set close against the front base of the altar throws a diffused beam of light from a recessed aperture upon the surface of the mural. There are also ten hidden lights, five on each side of the room, behind the upper edges of a thin suspended ceiling which extends out over the room from the top of the mural. The eighteen‐inch space between the two ceilings contains the light control apparatuses. The lower ceiling is wedge‐shaped and separated from three walls of the inner room by a foot‐wide space. Thus the room appears[, appears,] to be much longer than it really is because of the many converging lines leading into the narrow end, the corners of which are rounded off on either side of the mural.

The altar is four feet high, and rests on two narrow cross pieces. It is a dark gray block of crystalline iron ore from a Swedish mine and weighs six and one‐half tons. The Swedish government presented this block of iron ore ‐‐ the largest of its kind ever mined ‐‐ to the [United Nations] in early 1957. "The chunk rests on a concrete pillar that goes straight down to bed‐rock." The area and passageway beneath the room are closed to the public.

The chunk of ore has been described as a lodestone, or magnetite, which is strongly magnetic and which posses polarity. "In northern Sweden are what may be the largest magnetite deposits in the world, believed to have been formed by segregation in the magma." Magma is the term for molten material held in solution under the pressure of the earth’s crust.

(31) Tom Valentine Quoted From 5-5-2000 Ice The Ultimate Disaster

3 Dec 1993


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You're listening to the Hour of the Time, I'm William Cooper. Good evening, folks. Tonight's episode is a rerun. Due to the great mass of bullshit poured out on Radio Freemasonry just prior to this program, we will expose this wolf in sheep's clothing in his own words. Tonight, we're going to play a portion of a program that originally aired on June the 23rd, 1993. If, after hearing tonight's program, you wish to order that original broadcast, it is tape number 123 in our catalog. That's tape number 123 in our catalog. We discussed this rerun a little bit last night, so you all know the subject. But you all need to hear it again, even those of you who heard it the first time that it was broadcast, and those of you, of course, who have never heard it and are struggling, attempting to understand the purpose of the Hour of the Time. We hope that this rebroadcast will bring some things into the forefront that have lurking into the shadows, and will make some of the conversation you've heard on the Hour of the Time much clearer. We encourage you to order the original tape from the original broadcast on June 23rd, 1993, so that you may study its content in your home. Now, without further ado, we go into the rebroadcast of the mystery exposé. At the end of this rerun, ladies and gentlemen, we will open the phones for your comments and questions.

Now, folks, I'm going to take you into the mind of someone who has been an Initiate, an Adept, a Priest of the Mystery School for many, many years. I'm not going to identify this person until the end of the program. I want you to see if you can guess who this person is and what this is all about. If you can, then you'll know instantly what this program is for, the reason behind it, and you'll be to understand a little bit better how you've been manipulated for many, many years by the priests of the hidden religion called Mystery Babylon. And if you can't guess, then at the end of the show you're going to be told and you better be holding on to your chair, because it just might knock you right out. Just might knock you right out.

I'm going to quote from a book that this person wrote. This person verified something I wrote in my book, Behold a Pale Horse, and that is the calendar of the hidden religion of Mystery Babylon. It's 6000 years and it started in 4000 B.C. and ends in the year 2000. "The Great Pyramid system of passages and chambers is a chronological graph that begins in 4000 B.C. and continues for 6000 years." Now, let's go to an interview that was conducted with this person by someone else, not by me. But I'm going to be reading to you, word for word, this entire interview and this is going to take up most of the program. But this is going to give you a glimpse into the personality, the religious beliefs of the priests of the Mystery Religion, and you'll see sort of how they try to disguise what they really believe behind this aura of wanting to further the evolution of mankind and create some kind of a world Utopia, which they know in their heart is a lie to begin with. So, I'm going to call these "Number 1" and "Number 2." Number 1 is the interviewer, Number 2 is the interviewee.

Number 1: How did you become interested in the Great Pyramid?

Number 2: Well, like everyone else, for most of my life I accepted the idea that the Great Pyramid was just a great big pile of stones made by thousands and thousands of slaves. But I read a book in 1967 called The Ultimate Frontier. That book profoundly affected my life. In it, they made statements about the Great Pyramid being much more than a tomb. Point in fact, it never was a tomb for a pharaoh. It is a monument to mankind and human perfection. It is the oldest artifact of an ancient system of religious belief. Then I thought, that's something I could check out. I can see if the information in The Ultimate Frontier is true or not. I started investigating. I then learned a great number of things about the Great Pyramid. First of all, the ancient Greeks were quite right in calling it the "first wonder of the world." When one considers the thought, preparation, and choice of site, one will see that the solid bedrock of the Giza plateau ‐‐ the only tableland within miles capable of supporting the weight of the structure ‐‐ was the most intelligent choice. There is a fantastic amount of literature about the Great Pyramid. Therefore, it is not unusual that we also find a great deal of controversy surrounding it. The British in the 1860's were the first to study the ancient building in a serious manner. By re‐examining the theories of the British, which were discarded by the "experts" of that time, the crux of my book began to take shape.

(32) Letter By A Humanist Police Chief

3 Jan 1994


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For those of you who don't believe that those who call themselves illumined, the only truly mature minds in this world and thus, are the only ones capable of deciding the future, or of ruling the rest of us...those of you who don't believe these people have infiltrated all levels of our society ‐‐ our government, our military, our law enforcement ‐‐ I want you to listen carefully to what I'm going to read you. I'm going to quote, verbatim, an article which appeared in the newsletter called Aid and Abet Police Newsletter, volume 2, Constitutional Issues for Lawmen, number 1...volume 2, number 1. That's Aid and Abet Police Newsletter.

Now, this letter, according to the editor of this newsletter, was written by a police chief. Here, he uses a pseudonym, so he says, so that the police chief's identity is not revealed. However, as you will find out, if you have listened to our series on Mystery Babylon, this is not just a police chief. This is a highly degreed member of the Masonic Lodge, and he gives himself away with his symbology. For the end of his article, he signs it, "So mote it be."

Aid and Abet is put out by officer Jack McLamb, who has been written up as one of the best police officers ever produced by the state of Arizona. We neither endorse him, nor do we condemn him. As far as CAJI is concerned, our vote is not in yet on this organization. We know that in order to bring about the New World Order, they need to identify everyone who will uphold the real law, the Constitution, the supreme law of the land. They need to identify those people and get them out of positions of authority and, if necessary, take them out of society completely. There are organizations which exist solely for the purpose of identifying those people in government, those people in the patriot community, those police officers serving in police organizations, who would ultimately support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights against any effort to destroy it. Aid and Abet may be one of these means. We do not know that for certain. But if you listen to this letter...this letter, because it's signed with a pseudonym, may not be from a police chief at all, but may be from those who control Aid and Abet to tell the police officers what is expected of them in the New World Order.

Again, we do not know this to be true. But we have discovered, ladies and gentlemen, that in our investigations, that those who oppose us ‐‐ who would destroy us ‐‐ used the Hegelian dialectic of political conflict resolution. They control both sides of every issue. They set in motion methods and means to identify their enemy, and destroy their enemy, before their enemy can hurt them. And that's why we have been on the losing end for literally thousands of years with these people. I now quote from this newsletter:

(34) Secret Societies and Vatican II

12 Jan 1994


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At a recent Church of England Synod, a report on Freemasonry was presented to the assembled clerics and laypeople for debate. Several speakers denounced Masonry as contrary to the teachings of Christianity and condemned Christians, especially clerics, who might be members. One speaker even went so far as to attack Masonry as blasphemous because he claimed its central initiation ritual, which involves a symbolic death and rebirth enactment, was a travesty of the Christian belief of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Since its inception, Freemasonry has been a target of Christian wrath. In the inner circle of Masonry among those who have obtained higher degrees of initiation there are Masons who understand that they are the inheritors of an ancient and pre‐Christian tradition handed down from pagan times. The medieval Masons inherited this secret tradition in the form of symbolic teachings which expressed spiritual truths. These teachings originated in the pagan mysteries which were followed [wildly]...widely [and wildly] in the ancient world. These medieval Masons inherited esoteric knowledge from their pagan forebearers and this knowledge was incorporated into the sacred architecture of the cathedrals.

Now, I want you to pay real close attention because during my series in the Mysteries, when I found out what was concealed within most of the altars that were built during those times ‐‐ and I related it to you over the air ‐‐ many people called me a liar. And you're going to hear verification of this ‐‐ what was found ‐‐ not only within the altars, but throughout these cathedrals. So pay close attention, folks. This is very important.

(35) Christianity to Babylon

8 Feb 1994


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The Mystery Religion of Babylon, ladies and gentlemen, has been symbolically described in the last book of the Bible as a "woman arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication." [The phone not now. This is insanity ‐‐ absolute insanity.] "And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH" [and that's from Revelations, Chapter 17, verses 1 through 6].

When the Bible[, ladies and gentlemen,] uses symbolic language, a "woman" can often symbolize a church. The true church, for example, is likened to a bride, a chaste virgin, a woman without spot or blemish ([check Ephesians, Chapter 5, verse 27, and Revelations, Chapter 19, verses 7 and 8]). But in striking contrast to the true church, the woman of the text is spoken of as an unclean woman, a defiled woman, a harlot. If it is correct to apply this symbolism to a church system, [ladies and gentlemen, then] it [becomes] clear that only a defiled and fallen church could be meant. In big capital letters, the Bible calls her "MYSTERY BABYLON."

[Now,] when John wrote the Book of Revelation, Babylon ‐‐ as a city ‐‐ had already been destroyed and left in ruins, as the Old Testament prophets had foretold ([and you can find that in Isaiah, Chapter 13, verses 19 through 22, and Jeremiah, Chapter 51, verse 52]). But though the city of Babylon was destroyed, [folks,] religious concepts and customs that originated in Babylon continued on and were well represented in many nations of the world [William Cooper: and exist in secret right up to this very day]. [Now,] just what was the religion of ancient Babylon? How did it all begin, and what significance does it hold in modern times? How does it all tie in with what John wrote in the Book of Revelation...

(36) Rose Cross Pt 1

22 Feb 1994


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From the Rose Cross College, [which is] a resume of the teachings and proceedings of the Rose Cross College during its session held in the month of October, 1916, on the Four Hundredth Anniversary of the founding of the Order. The Imperialistic Council and Venerable Order of the Magi, its instructions and the Official Degree 'Priests of Melchizadek.' The 'Knights of Chivalry and Order of the Holy Grail', edited by R. Swinburne Clymer, October and copyrighted 1917, published at Beverly Hall, Quakertown, Pennsylvania: At the close of the June Convocation of the Rose Cross Order and Sacred College, it became evident that a Convocation of the Sacred College and Order of the Magi would be necessary in October in order to continue the work and commemorate the foundation of the Rose Cross Order, dating from the year 1516.

On the second day of June, special letters of invitation were mailed to all members privileged to be present at the October Convocation, and arrangements started so that not only might lectures be given every day during the entire month of October while the College was in session, but that Ancient Degrees "Sons of Osiris" might be conferred as they had been during the month of June upon the delegates then present.

nformation had been received at headquarters from different sources that men, without any authority whatever, were using the name of the Magi; men who were not, and never had been, on the rolls of the Order. Acting upon this information it was considered best that special effort should be made to convene the Order during the Sacred College session and when convened the official degree "Priests of Melchizadek" should be conferred upon all who were eligible.

(37) Rose Cross Pt 2

22 Feb 1994


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In the earlier hour of the Hour of the Time, we began a new series on the Rose Cross College and I quoted, verbatim, from a book, entitled A Rose Cross College:, edited by R. Swinburne Clymer, copyrighted 1917, A Resume of the Teachings and Proceedings of the Rose Cross College During its Session Held in the Month of October, 1916, on the Four Hundredth Anniversary of the Founding of the Order. The Imperialistic Council and Venerable Order of the Magi, its instructions and the Official Degree 'Priests of Melchizadek.' The 'Knights of Chivalry and Order of the Holy Grail.' So folks, if you missed that hour, make sure that you order the tape. For non‐CAJI members, tapes are eight dollars postpaid; for CAJI members, they're six dollars postpaid. You may order tapes by sending your money to William Cooper, P.O. Box 1420, Show Low (spelled S‐H‐O‐W L‐O‐W), Arizona, 85901. That's P.O. Box 1420, Show Low, Arizona, 85901.

In the beginning of this book, it described the initiation (laughs) in the Grove of Osiris and, uh, many other things, ladies and gentlemen, that you need to know. The ancient degrees of Osiris were conferred upon the delegates during that period of time in 1916. And, you know, I put out some hints for you people to be examining the Gritz SPIKE training tape, that there was symbolism there. Some of you did, most of you, as usual, stayed on your butts and didn't do anything. Many of you have been sucked in by Mr. Trojan Horse himself, Lt. Col. James ["Bobo"] Gritz. If you look real closely at his SPIKE training literature and his SPIKE training video, you will see that SPIKE is spelled S‐P‐(Obelisk)‐K‐E. S‐P‐(Obelisk)‐K‐E. Now, for those of you who don't know what that means: S‐P‐(Penis of Osiris)‐K‐E. He's playing you for a fool and again, just like all the others, he is laughing at you. A day‐and‐a‐half SPIKE training, (sarcasm:) uh‐huh. And he teaches you how to fight with a double‐edged blade and tells you that you are now a member of Delta Force.

Let me read to you from a dictionary of Freemasonry exactly what "delta" means. And during a later program, ladies and gentlemen, we will play a tape, a briefing tape, for high‐ranking officers in the United States Army on the First Earth Battalion which describes, again, what task force Delta is really all about. "Delta, the name of the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. In form, it is a triangle, and was considered by the ancient Egyptians a symbol of fire and also of God. And the Scottish and French systems, and also that of the Knights Templar are delta is the unspeakable name."

(38) Rose Cross Pt 3

24 Feb 1994


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Tonight, we're going to get further into the exposé of the root of racial tension in this country and elsewhere in the world; how they keep us divided and conquered and what it really stems from. And most of you who believe in this Aryan master race crap and most of you who call yourselves identity Christians: I don't care if you worship in that church, I don't care if you believe that. The only people I care about are people who are racist who want to kill other people who don't look like them, or hurt other people who don't look like them, or get rid of them or something. Those people I will oppose forever. I will protect your right to worship at whatever altar you wish to worship at, as long as you want to worship there forever...I don't care. That's your, your business, and your right in this country. We believe in that right; that's the only way that it can be. Otherwise, you're going to have a state that has a state church, and we're all going to have to confirm to that, and that's exactly what the New World Order is going to be.

But you're all going to find out that you're the victims, victims of people who have a hidden agenda. And most of your preachers and ministers who are teaching you this crap and feeding it to you are members of these secret societies and they are promoting Zionism. Zionism. For behind Zionism is not Jewish, folks, it's not the Jewish people. They're being used. They're going to be sorry for allowing themselves to be used. For behind the Zionist movement are the British Israelis, the people who believe they are the master race, that they are the lost 13th tribe of Israel, that they are the people who are going to inherit the world and the rest of us are going to be their slaves. And if you don't believe that, you just listen.

(39) The Occult and The Third Reich Pt 1

28 Feb 1994


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Tonight, we begin a three‐part series, ladies and gentlemen, on the occult history of the Third Reich. The occult history of the Third Reich. Make sure that you do not miss one single episode of it, and all of you people who have been scammed and caught up in this Aryan, uh, master race bullshit ‐‐ and that's exactly what it is. Listen very closely and find out how you've been conned and you'll find out that everything that happened back in Germany during the '20s and '30s is happening again in the United States today, and all of you are going to make the connections between the New Age ‐‐ and it really isn't the New Age, it's the Old Age, because it all took place a long time before, and it's just surfaced again [sic], brought to you by the same people. You're going to see the connections between the Third Reich, the Knights Templars, the Thule Society, Freemasonry, the British Israel movement. You're going to see that (laughs), up until Helena Petrovna Blavatsky came along, there was no super race called Aryans and you're going to find out all of these things link together is [sic] going to bring you the most incredible sense of Déjà vu that you've ever experienced in your life. And I hope, I hope, you're man enough or woman enough to look yourself in the mirror and say, honestly, "I've been had."

Straighten your act up, find the truth and stop being led by the nose by these people who would divide us just to put the chains around our ankles. Make sure you have pen and paper by your side and, folks, listen carefully.

(40) The Occult and The Third Reich Pt 2

1 Mar 1994


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We continue tonight with part two of the Occult History of the Third Reich. If you have ears and you can hear, and if you have a brain [and] you can think, you can make all the connections you ever need to make as we go into the next to the last episode in the completion of our Mystery Babylon series.

[audio of documentary begins to play]
[sounds of a clarinet, playing dramatically]

The Berghoff mountain retreat of Adolf Hitler. Here, senior party members and their families relax, away from the frantic activity of the camp. Yet, even in the peaceful setting of the Bavarian Alps amongst the tranquil scenes of domestic life there is an unsettling presence: the racial elite of the New Order, the SS.

"How can we arrest racial decay?" asks Adolf Hitler. "Shall we form a select company of the truly initiated? An Order, the Brotherhood of Templars around the Holy Grail of pure blood." By 1934, almost ten years after its creation, the SS is in the process of becoming Hitler's Brotherhood of Templars. The handpicked, disciplined and fiercely loyal bodyguard of the Fuhrer is being transformed into an Aryan elite. A mystical order, dedicated to the creation of an empire.

n the vanguard of the Nazi mission would be the black‐clad ranks of the SS. This carefully selected elite is intended to be the stock from which will come a new and superior breed of human ‐‐ the superman ‐‐ a caste of men born to rule. It is Heinrich Himmler who will forge Hitler's guard into a racial aristocracy. Under Himmler's leadership, the SS will become a state within a state. Obsessed with secrecy and bound by solemn ritual, the SS will become a force of unprecedented power and authority.

The origins of this, the most sinister of all Nazi's creations, do not lie in the personal visions of Heinrich Himmler or his Fuhrer. The roots of the SS go deeper ‐‐ even the National Socialism itself.

(41) The Occult and The Third Reich Pt 3

2 Mar 1994


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By the late 1920s, the German scientific and medical world had wholeheartedly embraced a new movement: the science of eugenics. The founder of eugenics is an Englishman ‐‐ Sir Francis Galton, the cousin of Charles Darwin. The aim of eugenics, Galton had written, is "to breed out feeble constitutions and petty and ignoble instincts, and to breed in those which are vigorous, noble and social." To the disciples of eugenics ‐‐ the intelligent and the industrious ‐‐ the mentally ill, the criminal and the alcoholic are so because they carry within them the traits of their parents. The fear is that inferior types, by breeding faster than those of more valuable stock, will produce a catastrophic decline in the quality of the human race. Only by the most drastic measures, it is believed, can disaster be averted.

The solution favored by the eugenics movement is the legal control of human breeding. Laws must be passed for the compulsory sterilization of the feeble‐minded, the alcoholic, the insane, and the pauper. At the same time, valuable members of society are to be encouraged to have the largest possible number of children.

In the 1920s, while eugenics in Europe is still in the realms of scientific theory, in the United States of America it has long since been put into practice. The state of North Dakota had banned marriage for alcoholics, the insane, and those suffering from tuberculosis, as early as the turn of the century. In 1907, the state of Indiana had passed the world's first law allowing sterilization of the mentally ill and criminally insane. By 1930, twenty‐eight American states had passed similar laws, and fifteen thousand people in mental hospitals and prisons had been compulsory sterilized. By 1939, the figure will have reached thirty thousand.

The health office of the government of the German Weimar Republic makes a detailed study of American eugenic laws. It is deeply impressed by America's sterilization campaign, and leading German eugenicists praise U.S. restrictions on the immigration of foreigners and the laws passed in some southern states banning intermarriage between the races.

There is a growing concern in German medical circles that Germany is being left behind in the struggle for racial improvement. By 1927, eugenics, now with a new name, "racial hygiene," is rapidly gaining respectability in Germany. More and more university medical faculties offer courses in the subject. An institute specializing in racial hygiene is founded by the German health office. The task of the Kaiser‐Wilhelm Institute is to study means of halting what an influential reporter called "the physical and mental degeneration of the German people." Racial hygiene has also become a central pillar in the strange ideology of a rising political party.

Adolf Hitler had spent much of the year 1924 in prison for his part in an attempted coup against the Bavarian government. While in prison, he'd read a recently published and widely praised textbook on human heredity and racial hygiene. He'd also written his political testament, Mein Kampf. In Mein Kampf, Hitler's commitment to the doctrines of racial hygiene is made clear. "The state," he writes, "must set race at the center of all life. It must see to it that there is only one disgrace: to bring children into the world despite one's own sickness and deficiencies. Here, the state must act as guardian of a millennial future in the face of which the wishes and selfishness of the individual appear as nothing." To Hitler, the millennial future which the state must defend is the coming triumph of Aryan man. The Nazi faith in the destiny of the Aryan race is not the creation of Adolf Hitler, nor does it spring from the movement for racial hygiene. Its origins lie in the teachings of mystics, clairvoyants and secret societies dedicated to the occult.