(7) Install Portage - ( packaging system )

Now we will do more or less the same to install portage, so we can install what Gentoo calls e-builds, and the rest of the planet calls packages. From your mirror, go back up a few parent directories until you can see a folder called Snapshots and find the URL for your portage snapshot.

Gentoo is all about choices, you can either grab the latest copy of portage, or a copy that matches the date of your stage-3. If you used my optimised Stage-3, the matching snapshot is here - I recommend the Current Gentoo Snapshots.

root@raspberrypi:/mnt/genoot#  cd /mnt/genoot/
root@raspberrypi:/mnt/genoot#  wget "http://mirror.bytemark.co.uk/gentoo/releases/snapshots/current/portage-latest.tar.bz2"
. . . . .
root@raspberrypi:/mnt/genoot#  tar xjfv portage-latest.tar.bz2 -C /mnt/genoot/usr

It will now un-pack and extract portage, which has all the details for how to download and compile from source just about anything you could possibly want. Most important, it automates compiling in a safe sandbox before installing system wide.

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