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Gentoo Raspberry Pi 2/3 - Stage 3

Stage-3 for the Raspberry Pi 2 available here

Stage-3 optimised specifically for the Raspberry 2

The stage3-raspberry-pi-2 is also the optimal best choice for the new Raspberry Pi 3.

They are 100% natively compiled on a Raspberry using the Gentoo Release Engineering Teams Tool - Catalyst

Download Raspberry Pi 2 Stage 3


Install Gentoo - Raspberry Pi 2/3 + USB Hardrive

A quick and easy guide to installing Gentoo on a Raspberry Pi 2 or the new Raspberry Pi 3.

Choice of either the generic ARMv7 binary or with the Hardware Accelerated NEON Multimedia binary.

Raspbian uses the lowest common denominator of ARMv6 with no extra Hardware Acceleration, which is a very, very poor choice for the new Raspberry 3 or Raspberry 2.


Mystery Babylon - Bill Cooper

I have updated that page, to use HTML 5 so you can listen online or download either as MP3 or as OGG files.

The Mystery Babylon page has moved to billcooper.html

Slot Cars

Here is a copy of the Slotman Track Designer.

IRC Chat

A backup can be found here. Details for how to connect using a proper IRC App instead of webpage can be found here.

Kubuntu Blank Screen Problem

After 10 minutes the screen goes blank, and its nothing to do with PowerDevil or Screensaver.

The solution is to add a tiny 2 line script to KDE Startup


xset -dpms

Solved !

More . . .

Latest new account is JuntaWatch mirror.

FLV Convert 2 mpg video format

Convert FLV flash video, like used on YouTube, into an MPG and merge clips into one file here


Ramblings about PHP Command Line Scripting with examples that I found useful. Like how on earth to use D-Bus from PHP, and get Kdialogs to work, and get my script to kick in when the Desktop has been idle. boo.